Bima Technology Srl was founded by the shareholders, intent on introducing their experience in the evolution of industrialisation to the world market of industrial automation. The company’s mission is not limited to the supply of goods alone but rather extends to providing continuous technical support and assistance to facilitate their clients’ own production and technological evolution.

The company arose from the experience gained over 20 years and a great passion for the industrial automation sector. This path has seen us grow and evolve together with the world and the sector to which we belong, with automation being in constant evolution and growth.

Yet Bima Technology Srl does not intend to simply follow this growth but to be ahead of it! Our mission is to become part of the global economy in all sectors, not only by keeping up with the times but remaining at the forefront, in order to be competitive and a leader in the market.
Indeed, dynamism and reaction speed are our watchwords!


Passion in the industrial automation sector



Our first objective was to launch a business offering customer assistance in the world of industrial automation, in particular in the sectors presented. The overall objective is then to unite a group of people across all branches of the company to satisfy the client’s interest, harmoniously and professionally. Planned investments include instrumentation to work faster and make it easier to interpret whilst growing the commercial activities focused on suppliers and clients. All this is to ensure the constant growth of the company over time, to guarantee continuous service to our current and future clients along with all collaborators in the project.