The development of the line operation software instigated upon the very first site inspection, as we hear about the client’s requests and needs for the very first time. Indeed, each project is born from the fusion of the experience of our technicians with the needs of our client.

Our software is developed in our offices or through one of our ongoing collaborations with leading partners in the sector, with whom a dependable working relationship has developed over a number of years, allowing us to ensure first-rate creations.

Our experience means we can afford to deal with the broadest range of global markets by being able to programme various PLC brands from the most significant leading manufacturers in the sector, including Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, Mitsubishi, Eaton, Abb and Vipa.

To complete the functional logic software, Bima Technology creates the interface on touchscreen operator panels or industrial PCs. Our philosophy is to create simple and intuitive graphics interfaces to render the man-machine interaction easy to understand and quick to manage.

All of our creations include the possibility of a remote connection, to facilitate the operator in handling their machines without being constantly present onsite. Indeed, according to the specific client requests, it is possible to check, calibrate and set the machine parameters in real time, so as to accommodate sudden changes in production.


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The first stage

Software development begins once we understand our client’s request.

First-rate achievements

The quality of our software is also guaranteed by collaborations with our partners, as leaders in the sector.

PLCs from the best brands

We utilise the best PLC brands, such as Siemens, Rockwell and Omron, Mitsubishi, Eaton, Abb and Vipa.